Kölsche Mädche


XXTanzTheater produces dance theater pieces and site-specific performances.

Works in an interdisciplinary and experimental way with professional artists; the content is political, the focus is on women.



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Kölsche Mädche

XX Trilogy 2nd. part

Kölsche Mädche


“Kölsche Mädche” is a surrealist performance, a danced game about faith, innocence and death, about the power of courage and brutality.

The most famous holy woman in Cologne serves as the protagonist: Ursula! Patroness of Cologne, the virgins, the youth, the teachers, the University of Cologne and others In the 16th century, eleven flames were added to Cologne's coat of arms as a symbol for the virgins.

Is the first part of the „XX trilogy“ - Dance theater on the traces of the female power. About women in power positions, women in politics. The stories of three powerful Cologne women were chosen to highlight the themes of "Women and Politics", "Women and Religion", "Women and Economy".

„No music on earth

Can ever compare with ours,

Eleven thousand virgins

Venture to dance,

Saint Ursula herself laughs to see it,..."

(Gustav Mahler, Final sentence 4. Sinfonie)

Performances from Kennedy Ufer to the underpass of the Rheinterrassen, Cologne

A site specific dance theater performance with live music

by XXTanzTheater

Concept - Choreography - Equipment: Bibiana Jiménez

Dance: Sara Blasco, Hauke Martens, Deborah Sophia Leist, Hannah Rinaldi, Lisa Freudenthal

Extras: Laura Lehman, Lucia Lehman, Kiki B’chir,

Jenny Krauser

Music: Carl Ludwig Hübsch

Video Installation - Technology - Graphics: Ludwig Kuckartz

Dramaturgy: Andrea Bleikamp

Assistance: Miriam B’chir

Press & Public Work: Mechtild Tellmann

Photographer: Meyer Originals

Sponsored by:


Kulturamt der Stadt Köln,

Kunststiftung NRW,

Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen,

NRW Landesbüro Freie Kultur


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Kölsche Mädchen

Kölsche Mädche

XX Trilogy 2nd. part

Kölsche Mädche