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XXTanzTheater produces dance theater pieces and site-specific performances.

Works in an interdisciplinary and experimental way with professional artists; the content is political, the focus is on women.



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I am Farkhunda

I am Farkhunda



"I am Farkhunda"  is a solo dance theater piece about humanity feelings and human rights.

"Hundreds of men have the 27-year-old on 19. 03. 2015 before the Shah-Do-Shamshira mosque beaten to death in Kabul, her body lit and then thrown into the Kabul River ... circulating the Internet dozens of videos of eyewitnesses showing the incident ...

The crowd had accused the woman of burning a Qur'an. But the investigators have found no evidence for it. Already the rumor was enough: a mob gathered and went to the woman ... dozens Onlookers captured the lynching with their smartphones .... Roar she "Allahu Akbar" - God is great "(Der Spiegel)

Contrary to all traditions, her coffin was carried to the grave by women. "We want justice for Farkhunda, we want justice for the Afghan women, "cried the mourners." That was a crime against her family, a crime against a sister and a crime against humanity ", (human rights activist Bari Salam at the funeral).

I am Farkhunda  Nominated for the best piece of Dance Theater of the year SK 2017

I am Farkhunda

From XXTanzTheater

in co-operation with

Theater der Keller

Concept - Choreography - Scenography - Dance performance:

Bibiana Jiménez

Dramaturgy: Barbara Kastner

Light: Paul Hollstein

Press and Public Work: Tatjana Fernau

Photographer: Herand Müller-Scholtes, Meyer Originals, Susebee

Within 24meterhoch

by Zaik with Theater der Keller


© 2021 . Bibiana Jiménez . All rights reserved.

I am Farkhunda

I am


I am Farkhunda