Sarkling bubbles- beyond opinions - 2019

Mapuka Archäologischen Museums der Karibik folk  Barranquilla / Wallraf-Richartz-Museum Cologne

Sparkling bubbles - beyond opinions is an international cooperation of -XX-TanzTheater by Bibiana Jimenez with the Fundación Klemcy Salza, Barranquilla-Colombia

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Thumbs up! The comfort zone has expanded. At the same time we are many and nevertheless alone.Opinion bubbles as a phenomenon in the "post-fact" age seem to connect people, simulate great successes, show simple solutions, polarize, make politics.
Four artists from dance, music, painting and media Art engage themselves and the audience in the contradictions of opinion and filter bubbles and deal with their influence on our impressions and our feelings. The interaction between "me" and "we", between the individual and the group, is at the center.
"Sparkling bubbles" leads us into own reality between acoustic massage and original sound collages; pulls us into a labyrinth of emotions between live psychoactive color projections and a body floating in filter bubbles. It inserts us into transient bubbles, connects and isolates us.

With: Bibiana Jimenez (G-C) / Carl Ludwig Hübsch (G) / Flavia Rosales (C) / Rick Salgado (C)

Performances in Colombia:
Mapuka Hall of the Archaeological Museum of the Caribbean Peoples (Mapuka), Cultural Center Cayena - Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla - Colombia

Performances in Germany:                                                                                                                       
Stiftersaal of the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum, Cologne - Germany,
Obenmarspforten 40, 50667 Cologne

Promoted by: Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, NRW Cultural Secretariat, Cultural Office of the City of Cologne, Cultural Secretariat of the City of Barranquilla
With the kind support of: Museum Wallraf Richartz & Foundation Corboud of Cologne and Mapuka Archaeological Museum of the Caribbean folks, Cultural Center Cayena - Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla

The "XX" Trilogy

On the trail of the female side of Cologne


"XX"Fortuna - 2016 - Roman-Germanic Museum Cologne

"In fourteen short scenes at various locations in the museum, a game of power and lust between the characters unfolds. / "The women set the tone, they demonstrate female power and push Juan Bockamp as Claudius and Hauke ​​Martens as Nero a little in the background. For each scene Bibiana Jiménez developed a differentiated and creative palette of different movement formations."
(Pedro Obiera - Opera Network)

"beautiful mixture of monstrosity and humor"(Melanie Suchy - Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, 07.09.16)


"Kölsche Mädche" - 2017 - on the Kennedy Ufer - underpass of the Rheinterrassen, Cologne

"This is art brother" / In the style of a mystery play, you move with wonderful pathos along the promenade in the direction of the Dance Fountain. If you are slow, you will notice the guys with baseball cap and beer bottles as well as the girls, who cast inquisitive glances, or the roller-skating virtuosos, who declare inexorably: "That's art, brother" (Thomas Linden - Kölner Rundschau, 03.06.17)

"as this procession with blissful smile pushes through the Zuschaermenge on the waterfront, then pausiert in a circle around a tree, garnished with painterly arm gestures, is divine. An unearthly whistling of tiny harmonicas additionally captures these female beings. "... ... the musician Carl Ludwig Hübsch works in a black velvet dress, between, diva and nun, with his golden tuba, a hundred kinds of trumpets, creaks, hums, rhythms, melodies. And over there the sun goes down. Time for evening prayer. (Melanie Suchy - Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, 03.06.17)

Impressive how clever Bibiana Jiménez adapts her movement language to the theme. The dance ensemble performs the mammoth ritual with the required intensity and professional precision. And the approximately 150-strong crowd followed the event with great attention. It will be interesting to see how the choreographer will arrange the third part of the trilogy next year when it comes to the trial of the witch-accused Katharina Henot. (Pedro Obiera - All about O-Ton Subscription Fundus)


„heX-heX“ the Henot conspiracy - Place behind the Dominican church; St. Andreas west side; Cologne

"Between the church of Sant Andreas and the bank building, the wind is blowing in the center of Cologne.  The dancers call money ... The choreography shows moments of freedom, as the dancers Geraldine Rosteius and Lisa rejoice turn, bow and stretch, witches cite clichés when they enjoy themselves with brooms that they put between their legs, leaving them as alienated  Figures jerk.  They push and claw as a personified set with raised index finger through the air.  They argue jerkily with gestures, break off, continue to talk, no matter if someone understands them and tie the accused. "  (Melanie Suchy - Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, 04.05.18)

"The dancers Geraldine Rosteius and Lisa Freudentag as well as actress Johanna May physically got everything out of themselves to build the bridge to today's economy."  (Cologne Rundschau - 03.05.18)