Under the direction of Bibiana Jiménez produces -XX-TanzTheater  p characterized by intense and poetic images. The content is political, the focus is on women, some special places are used. The pieces and site-specific performances combine today's sociopolitical developments and historical facts. A theme determines the story ... A story determines the theme. The choreographies capture the emotions of a situation, the emotions of a figure in motion. The sensitivity of being human and the power of dance complement each other. Consciously set texts from historical documents, narratives, true events, improvisations are part of the productions.

In our series "XX" trilogy, - in the footsteps of the female side of Cologne, - we are immersed in the history of Cologne and have embarked on a journey of discovery into the historical scenes of Cologne. The stories of three powerful Cologne women were selected to highlight the topics of "Women and Politics", "Women and Religion", "Women and the Economy". The first part of the trilogy:  "XX" Fortuna was nominated in 2016 for the Cologne Dance Theater Prize of the SK Foundation.


The solo piece "I am Farkhunda" questions  "humanity" and brutality is noticeably portrayed.  This work is based on a lynching in Afghanistan - a true story. These piece was nominated in 2017 for the Cologne Dance Theater Prize of the SK Foundation.  


Our pieces were sponsored by: